Having first started as a coffin manufacturing company, the founders of Two Mountains funeral and financial services, Mr and Mrs OMF Masekwameng saw the need to provide personal, quality and affordable funeral services (a differentiating factor in the business). A culture of solidifying dignity and fostering relationships with the community thus began.

At Two Mountains we do not take pleasure in people dying but believe in dignifying this passage of life and the preservation of memories. That is why we take pride in securing better relationships with our people while they are still alive. Each funeral is treated with the utmost respect and dignity, servicing

people of different religions and cultural backgrounds. Our success and growth is a result of our commitment to service and our relationship with our communities is our strength

It is humbling to see what first started as a coffin manufacturing company with no more than 3 employees and one car, extend its tendril to grow into a company employing 380 staff and now boasts a fleet of 205 cars.

A walk into any Two Mountains office introduces you to an environment free of any morbidity and a committed workforce always ready to serve with humbleness and love.