Frequently asked questions

How to claim

  1. Obtain a claim form from your nearest Two Mountains branch/or satellite office  
  2. The Two Mountains consultant will assist you with documentation to complete for claims processing  
  3. List of documents required for a claims to be processed for burial or payout.
  • Funeral claim form (signed by Applicant/Policy Holder or Claimant
  • Copy of death certificate (Computerized not Handwritten)
  • Copy of identity document (Applicant/Policy Holder, Deceased and Claimant)
  • Proof of marriage (Marriage Certificate, Lobola letter from Tribal Home)
  • BI1663 – notification of death (obtainable from a Doctor or Hospital)
  • Police Report in case of Unnatural Death( Template obtainable at any Two Mountains Office-Very crucial it must be obtaind
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Certified copy of identity document of both the insured and beneficiary
  • Certified documentary proof of marriage (if applicable)
  • Bank Statement (Payout)
  • Signed third party nomination form if money goes to another person’s bank account
  • Signed third party nomination form if money goes to another person’s bank account
  • Airtime send to client once claim is approved( only on policies which have airtime benefit)
  • Money paid into client’s Bank Account if is payout or Burial Bank Account for Burial service.

Financial FAQ's

The policy holder is the main member of this policy and is the person who enjoys the benefits on the policy

Someone else can be the policy payer but they have no rights (the policy payer) on the policy, only the main member has.

Yes, Foreign nationals can be covered if they meet the requirements included in the policy wording.

  1. All lives covered must be in possession of a valid work/refugee/ residence permit within a valid passport that allows them to live within the country and must normally reside in South Africa to qualify to be added onto the policy
  2. The main member and beneficiary must have a South African bank account
  3. Benefits will be paid in South African Rands to a South African bank account
  1. They can be added to the Single parent, Family funeral or Additional child funeral if they are within the qualifying age
  2. Children on the Single Parent and Family Funeral plans qualify for cover of still born from 29 Weeks
  3. Additional children and Extended family (e.g. nieces, nephews, and cousins) qualify when they are born and added to the policy
  4. Children under the Single Parent, Family or Additional child benefit will remain as children up until their 21st or 25th* birthday
  5. Children qualify to be covered up to 25 years of age if they are unmarried and attending a tertiary institution. As well as if they are physically or mentally disabled.
  6. When the child passes the qualifying age (i.e. turn 21 or 25) they must be added as an adult child under the extended family benefit to remain on the policy
  7. The legal maximum total benefit amount that Hollard can pay-out for children is
  • R50 000 for a child 6 years or older, but younger than 14 years and
  • R30 000 for a child younger than 6 years old

In addition to the main member, partner, 5 children and 5 additional children you can cover:

  1. 4 Parents including in laws
  2. 6 Extended Family Members
  • Adult child (biological, adopted or step).
  • Brother or sister (biological, adopted or step).
  • Niece or nephew (child of the main insured person’s brother or sister).
  • Aunt or uncle (brother or sister of the main insured person’s parents).
  • Cousin (child of the main insured person’s biological aunt or uncle); or grandparents (mother or father of the main insured person’s parents).

This is the date when the client pays their first premium and cover commences


  1. As soon as a main member pays their first premium, they are automatically covered for accidental death
  2. When the policy incepts waiting periods for natural causes and suicide will also commence
  3. If new benefits or a people are added to the policy. The customer must pay new total premium. Waiting periods and cover for those additional people and benefits will start when the NEW total premium is paid.

A policy will automatically end if there is non-payment of two (2) total premiums after the policy has incepted

  1. A lapse occurs when a customer does not pay their TOTAL premium or makes partial payments of their total premium that adds up to two (2) full premiums.
  2. When a policy lapses the customer will no longer have cover under their policy
  1. Cover ends for all lives assured
  2. The client can elect to keep and their benefits on the policy by reactivating the policy
  1. If your policy lapses you can come back to us and request that we reactivate your policy with your same benefits or additional benefits. This can be done within or after 90 days, as follows.

  1. When the customer first takes out the policy
  • Waiting periods apply when the customer first takes out the policy and pay’s their first premium i.e. incepts the policy
  • Cover for death by natural causes for all lives on the policy will start after the policy has been active for 6 months in a row from the policy/benefit start date and we have received 6 premiums in a row
  • Cover for death by suicide for all lives on the policy will start after the policy has been active for 12 months in a row from the policy/ benefit start date and we have received 12 premiums in a row
  1. When the policy Lapses
  • Waiting periods also apply when you decide to restart your policy after your first ever lapse on your policy
  • On a restart NEW FULL waiting periods will be applied

There are specific events that are not covered on this policy and if they occur, we will not pay a claim even if the customer is out of their waiting period.

In addition to any specific exclusions set out in each benefit section, we will not pay a claim for an insured event because of any of the exclusions listed below:


We will not pay a claim for an insured person if he was not eligible or did not meet the definition of insured person on his benefit start date.

We will not pay a claim for an insured person if the insured event, or accident leading to the insured event, happened before his benefit start date.

  1. On the policy anniversary date premiums and benefits will increase if both the partner (if family funeral selected) and main insured are under 65
  2. Premium and benefit increases are COMPULSORY at every policy anniversary if either the partner (family funeral) or main insured are under 65
  3. As soon as either the main insured or partner turns 65 (on the policy anniversary cycle linked to their 65th birth date) the premium and benefit increases will STOP
  4. This also means if either the partner or main member are OVER 65 at the start date of the policy there will be no premium or benefit increases on the policy

As long as both the insured and partner are under 65 years of the age the customer will be notified 30 days before the benefit and premium increase of the anniversary increase, for example if the client’s policy incepted in September 2019, they will receive an SMS 1 August 2020 notifying them of the benefit and premium increases to be made effective from 1 September 2020:

  • Premiums will increase by 7% and will be rounded up to the nearest Rand amount
  • Benefits will increase by 7%

For example, consider a scenario where a 45-year-old takes out the Family Funeral Platinum plan that covers himself, his partner aged 42 and 6 children. He also takes out R5 000 cover for 1 additional child, R10 000 cover for a parent aged 65 and R10 000 cover for an extended family member aged 50.

  1. From the 1st day of the month that the new premium is due e.g. 1st September 2019, the policy premium and benefit increases will be effective and due to the client
  2. There are NO waiting periods for the additional amount
  1. For as long as both the main insured and partner are under the age of 65 the premium and benefit increases are compulsory
  2. If the client cannot afford the increases, they must contact us in advance and do one of the following: Reduce cover amounts, remove benefits or remove lives assured on the policy to reduce the premium to what they can afford

The process of changing or substituting one insurance policy for another by cancelling the current policy. For example, when a client wants to replace their current policy from insurer A or B for the Two Mountains Life Series V2 policy.


As the insurer of this policy. it is required that we track all replacement requests from our customers, and inform the current insurer that their policy is being replaced

We will also look at how long the client has had the current the policy for and how much cover they had. This aims to see if we will waiver (i.e. remove) some or all the waiting periods on the Two Mountains Life Series V2 policy the customer must wait out.

Example 1 – If the client currently has a R 21 000 funeral plan for another insurer that has been active for 13 months and the client takes out an Individual Bronze Plus plan, we

 will waive the waiting period. This is because the client currently has R 21 000 in cover which is higher than the R 20 200 Bronze Plus plan and has also had his current cover for 13 months

Example 2 – If the client currently has a R 18 000 funeral plan for another insurer that has been active for 5 months and the client takes out an Individual Bronze Plus plan, Hollard will waive the 5 months of the waiting period for the R 18 000 of the Bronze Plan, but they must wait out an additional 1 month to be paid out R 18 000 for death by natural causes on the Two Mountains Life Series V2 policy. The client will need to wait out the full waiting periods on the additional R 2 200 they are covered for on the Bronze Plan (i.e. R 20 200 – R 18 000 = R2 200 in additional cover)


  1. Client must select yes or no if they are replacing a policy on the application form
  2. If they select yes to replace the policy, they must be made aware of the following.
  • They may pay some charges and fees twice, first on the existing policy and once again on the new policy.
  • They may pay higher premiums on the new policy because they are older now or their health situation might have changed.
  • There might be differences in premium and benefit increases
  • The new   policy   may   have   more   exclusions, restrictions or waiting          This     means     their     policy     may sometimes pay   out   claims   when   your   old   policy   did There may be other things to think about which might change their decision to replace their old policy.
  • Because this is non-advice sale, Two Mountain’s agents CANNOT offer advice about the replacement. If they need advice, they must contact a financial advisor
  • If they agree to take the Two Mountains Life series V2 product and are replacing it with their current policy, we will need them to submit the policy schedule within 31 days at their nearest branch or email to Two Mountains
  • If they do not submit within 31 days than normal waiting periods will apply.

Burial FAQ's

First, death must be officially pronounced by someone with the authority to do so. If death occurred in your home, unattended by medical personnel, an official must be called to your home to officially pronounce death. If your loved one was terminally ill and under hospice care, the hospice nurse is usually authorized to make the official pronouncement. When death occurs in a hospital, the doctor will pronounce death.
Once death is officially pronounced, the funeral home is contacted to arrange for removal of the deceased body.

We are available 24 hours a day, so there is no need to wait for regular business hours. Arrangements are made  for removal of the body, as well as, setting an appointment for the family to come into the funeral home to make arrangements.

Oftentimes, next of kin, immediate family members and sometimes, close friends, wish to participate in planning the funeral of their loved one. While their input is usually taken into consideration, the official responsibility falls on the person with the legal authority to sign the authorization for the funeral service. This person is usually the next of kin. It is important to understand that signing the authorization for the funeral service means accepting the financial responsibility for the funeral.

We offer a wide variety of funeral options, combined with cremation, designed to meet your personal preferences, financial and religious considerations. For example, funeral services can occur before or after cremation has taken place. Families can opt for a full service with viewing prior to cremation or memorial service with or without the presence of the cremated remains. It’s just a matter of talking to your Funeral Director to make your wishes known.

The cost of a funeral will be determined by you and your family as you make your selections from three basic areas: professional service fees, casket/urn cost and miscellaneous services and merchandise.  A Two Mountains consultant will present you with a General Price List. You will notice that some costs are basic to every funeral. However, you will also be presented with a wide range of funeral services and additional items from which to choose. Use the price list to guide your selections. 

Two Mountains has a highly dedicated team to assist you with a burial package that will suit your pocket.

A death certificate is a legal document required to conclude the business of your loved one. If the deceased had a will, trust, checking or savings accounts not held jointly (1 for each account), certificates of deposit not held jointly, safety deposit box, stocks or bonds (1 for each corporation), insurance policies (1 for each company), credit cards and transfer of real and personal property not held jointly you will have to present a certified copy to those entities responsible for settling these accounts.
You will also need copies to file for union benefits. In most cases, photocopies will not be accepted.
Your funeral director will be responsible for ordering these copies at the time of funeral arrangement conference.  It is wise to order a few additional copies to meet any unexpected contingencies, such as discovering an insurance policy or bank account that no one knew about. Ordering certified copies, a month or two after the funeral can sometimes result in delays of up to six weeks.

Obituary information. If possible, take some time at home with your family to draft a summary of the contents. Be sure to include the correct spelling of family, friends, medical support, and locations to be mentioned in the text. Include education, hobbies, employment, and life achievements, as well as addresses for donations. Also, you may desire a special poem, religious verse, or quote. Write or type all the above as legible as possible, thus, preventing translation errors. 

Bring the best photos for the obituary (if desired) and memorial website or funeral program.

Bring information required for the death certificate. Although every state has different requirements, these are the basics: The deceased person’s legal name; Social Security Number; date of birth and date of death; birthplace (city and state, territory or foreign country); residence and Zip Code (city and county); marital status at time of death; surviving spouse’s name; military service; legal names of the decedent’s father and mother (including the mother’s maiden name), their birthplaces (state, territory, foreign country); the decedent’s usual occupation (type of work done during most of his/her working life); the kind of business; education info (what best describes the highest level of schooling completed).

Payment FAQ's

Pay@ is a payment system that gives you the option to pay remotely without going to a Two Mountains Branch or Satellite Office

You can pay at the following retails stores: Boxer;  USave; Checkers; TopItUp; Shoprite; Spar; Ackermans; Pick n Pay; Pep and at any Spaza Shop that uses Flash

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have your pay@ card and/or number with you to make payment

A debit order is a way for a third part, that you have given permission, to collect money from your bank account.

To arrange a debit order with Two Mountains, you can call us on 0800 668 539 (Free Call) to arrange a debit order for your policy

A direct deposit is a payment option where your funds are electronically paid to the Two Mountains account by means of an ATM deposit, Cellphone Banking or Digital Banking

You can deposit your premium at any major bank. Our direct deposit account details are:

Standard Bank

Acc number: 0832 018 66

Remember to use your policy number or ID number as reference when doing direct deposit.