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Who gets what?

State Funeral Category 2, Official and Special Official funeral

We have told you what happens to statesmen when they are late in our State funeral but what happens to Deputy Presidents or serving ministers? Well there is a procedure for that too. We will be letting you know what funeral process is for who and covering the Official funeral.

In the 5 provisions for a state funeral there are 2 categories. The most important is State Funeral Category 1 reserved for the President, President-elect and former Presidents of the Republic of South Africa. Category 2 of the State Funeral is reserved for the Deputy President, Acting President and Former Deputy President of the Republic.


An official funeral category 1 is reserved for Serving Ministers, Speaker of the National Assembly, Chief Justice, Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces and the Premiers of Provinces of the Republic. Category 2 is reserved for the Spouse of a serving president, spouse of a serving Deputy President, Deputy Ministers, Deputy Speakers of the NA, Permanent Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP, Deputy Chief Justice and the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the Republic. Special individuals with extraordinary credentials may also receive a state funeral called a Special Official Funeral. The Special Official Funeral can only be designated by the President of the Republic.

Category 2 state funerals are similar to an Official Funeral and a Special Official Funeral. The national flag is flown Half-mast at all flag stations throughout the country and the national days of mourning commence from the announcement date until the evening of the funeral or cremation. Unlike State Funeral Category 1, national flags are flown half-mast only in the country and there is no lying-in-state.


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To read more about the procedures and processes of The State, Official and Provincial Official Funeral visit the presidency website