State Funerals

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Facts about our State Funerals

Did you know that the Republic of South Africa has something called state funerals? Many of you probably answered yes as seen for the funeral of our former presidents. But did you know the different types of state funeral? Two Mountains has a history of conducting Provincial Special Funerals and recently had the honour of handling a Special Official State Funeral and would like to give you facts about the processes and procedures that must be observed.


There are 5 provisions for a state funeral, all with 2 categories:

  1. State funeral
  2. Official funeral
  3. Special official funeral
  4. Provincial official funeral
  5. Special Provincial official funeral

This week we would like to focus on State Funeral Category 1 which is reserved for the president, president-elect and former president of the Republic of South Africa. The funeral has full military ceremonial honours. The National Flag flies at half-mast (which is half way up the pole) at all official flag stations throughout the country and at missions abroad from the morning of the announcement by the Presidency until the evening of the burial or cremation. This must also be done at the burial site or cremation facility as well. The balustrades and pillars of the Union Buildings, the City Hall of the Capital City and any other building declared by the President or Acting President must be draped with a black cloth.

State Funeral Category 1 is the only type of funeral that get to lie-in-state. Lying-in-state is when the remains of the statesman are placed on display at the Union Buildings Nelson Mandela Amphitheatre for a time period prescribed by the President or Acting President of the Republic of South Africa. The SANDF sentries are posted to guard the remains and also deploys a guard of honour for the arrival and removal of the deceased.

The State is responsible for the entire coordination and management of the funeral process which is headed by the Office of the Director General in the Presidency. The funeral service is conducted at the Union Buildings Nelson Mandela Amphitheatre but The President may grant exceptions for the holding of the funeral service elsewhere, based on logistics or any other considerations.

Over the last 20 years Two Mountains has grown in leaps and strides. As a trusted brand in communities nationwide we are honored by the continuous support by citizens and the state. We continuously deliver a quality funeral service to families, show respect to traditions, procedures and appreciate feedback on your experiences. Rate us on our contacts, share your experience on google, facebook or twitter and don’t forget to like and follow TwomountainsZA.


To read more about the procedures and processes of The State, Official and Provincial Official Funeral visit the presidency website