Thabelang Disability Centre

Wheelchairs for Thabelang Disability Centre

This day was marked a momentous day for the disabled kids of Thabelang Disability Centre in Namakgale, Phalaborwa, as Two Mountains treated the children to food, gifts, sweet treats and donated 4-wheel chairs as well as 15 mattresses for the centre. Thabelang Disability childcare centre was established in 2016 by Mavis Malungane, the centre houses 42 disabled children all with unique needs and challenges from speech, walking, mental disabilities etc. Mavis is assisted by eight volunteering care givers who’s daily tasks include bathing, feeding, reading, writing and teaching the children basic skills.

This Disability centre is in need of even greater assistance as Mavis highlighted, their challenges vary from medical assistance to transportation of the kids to the clinic for their routine check-ups, transportation from their respective homes to the centre where they are cared for and taught throughout the day.  The centre care givers have a daily routine task of picking the kids up every morning at their various homes and dropping them off every afternoon around 4pm.

The centre survives on donations from the community of Phalaborwa and any private donations. Food provision always proves to be a great challenge that often forces the care givers to reach into their own pockets to feed the children. “We contribute R100 a month amongst the nine of us for food provision but even after buying maize meal and other perishables, the food does not even last us two weeks, It is really hard at the centre, but by the grace of God, we live”, said Mavis.

Phalaborwa Municipality Counsellor Mr Baloyi, and various members of the community, together with the parents of the children from the home came in masses to this prestigious event and the kids had a beautiful day, as they danced and enjoyed their food and party packs, sponsored by Two Mountains.

Two Mountains Chairman, Mr Onkgopotse Freddy Masekwameng graced the children with his presence and played with them all day, together with the Two Mountains team. He committed to lending a helping hand to the centre in his words “We as Two Mountains have come here to build a relationship with these children, they are our children and let it not be the last time we see each other. We cannot donate wheelchairs today and later find out that you can’t feed the children, we are here, we are family, and even if we cannot give much but the little we have to share will make a difference”

We therefore urge the people of Phalaborwa and south Africans at large to give the centre their full support and give them assistance where needed for any donations or information please contact Mavis Malungane on 072 116 6208.

Among our projects is the Thabelang Disability Centre in Phalaborwa. Two Mountains supports the centre through the donation of wheelchairs, mattresses and food supplies. This will not only benefit the children but the community at large.

In the spirit of sustainable development, we plough back into the country’s socio-economy by supporting local entrepreneurs.