Providing dignified funeral services

This September Two Mountains has been visiting cemeteries around the communities we serve to assist in clean up efforts of the graveyards. Through the Two Mountains Cares initiative branches of the company have identified the needs of the cemetery and engaged members of the community to find out what we can do to give dignity to each and every funeral service.

Our program and theme for the month of September is going back to our roots as a quality funeral service provider. We have thus far completed the donation of tools to workers and signboards to: Malomanye, Kgapane, Medingen, Marubane, Happy Dam, Jerusalem and many more cemeteries around the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

With the support of traditional councils and community leaders we are able to make a difference. In the coming weeks we will be completing our journey through Limpopo, going back KZN and Eastern Cape to support the community and give all our past loved ones a dignified resting place.